Winntec HD Y471147 Tyre and Wheel Cart

Winntec HD Y471147 Tyre and Wheel Cart

  • Long life, light-weight (20kg), high-capacity (14"-20" wheels, up to 200kg) cart
  • Patented tilting system which allows heavy wheel sets to be maneuvred in the most ergonomic way
  • Unique push-slide-secure sutomatic locking system
  • Maintenance-free, non-marking tyres
  • Created in powdercoated steel
  • 3 year warranty

Winntec HD-series

Certified to the highest level of useful life to ensure maximum value from your investment.  Made from the best materials available and constructed in accordance with the latest and most advanced techniques.

Reaching new heights in professional shop equipment.

In compliance with NEN-EN 1494:2001+A1:2008