Blast Strap

Blast Strap

  • For use in place of a tyre cage, or when a tyre cage is not available, for inflating HGV tyres
  • Ideal for use on-the-road
  • See accompanying flyer for more information
  • Available to order NOW

Tech Europe's innovative new 'Blast Strap' is used to restrain a loose tyre and wheel assembly during inflation. The tyre and wheel assembly should be placed to the rear of the service vehicle the 'Blast Strap' must be fed though a suitable anchorage point on the service vehicle.

The Blast strap can be used to restrain multi piece wheels; the hooks must be secured to the centre bore whilst ensuring that the straps are located over the locking ring & flange to ensure that they cannot come loose and become a projectile.

The strap is supplied in a re-sealable plastic bag; it should be replaced into the bag after use.