Gaither Bead Bazooka XL

Gaither Bead Bazooka XL

  • Most powerful automatic release system available in any bead-seating device
  • Smaller tank allows for easier handling in shop and service truck
  • Ergonomic design with exceptional power
  • Light weight (5.5 or 6.5kg) reduces stress on technician
  • Push-button trigger allows technician to keep both hands on the tank for more control, making safer than manual release tanks
  • “Slotted” Double Barrel directs the air for best overall lift
  • Fully TUV, CE & ASME certified
  • Patent-pending design, patent-pending RAR system and registered trademark
  • Safety valve set at 8 / 10 Bar
  • Can be stored against the wall using included hanger

Tech Europe is delighted to be partnering with Gaither to offer the all new Bead Bazooka XL ™, the second generation model in the Bead Bazooka ™ range supporting the original Bead Bazooka ™ 6L which was introduced in 2011 and 'broke new ground' in modern bead seating tools by being significantly smaller and lighter than other available models. At the same time, this new Gaither product became the most powerful automatic Rapid Air Release (RAR) system on the market.

Now the Bead Bazooka ™ XL will make the same highly impressive technology available for larger truck and AG wheels and incorporates a new grip design (which is also now standard on the Bead Bazooka ™ 6L) that provides additional ergonomy and a more attractive overall appearance.

During the Reifen show 2012, the Bead Bazooka 6L was nominated for the Reifen Essen Innovation Award. Both Bazooka models are patented, include TUV/CE certification and offer extremely swift automatic valves and carry a highly competitive price whilst providing improved performance levels

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