Tech Europe

Pang was founded in 1919 in Hamburg, Germany by Herr Fritz Hesselbein (1889-1963) and he can be accredited as the first to develop the cold vulcanization process in Europe as well as low-temperature curing compounds in 1938. Pang products have been the preferred choice of the tyre repair professional ever since.

After successfully developing the European market with a customer base that included Daimler Benz and Bandag, Pang established a very successful sales and marketing operation in New York City USA.  Pang later went to acquire the USA based Truflex Rubber Company of Los Angeles in 1964 in order to have a manufacturing base in the quickly expanding US market. Truflex had patented the first semi-cure tire repair in 1932 and supplied many major rubber companies including the US Army.

The original Hamburg factory was closed in 1991 and production transferred to Budapest, Hungary in one of the first inward investment projects by a Western company in Eastern Europe. Truflex and Pang merged in 1988 and today Truflex/Pang is in 79th year with a world wide distribution network selling both tire repair materials and a full range of industrial conveyor belt repair materials, rubber sheeting, lagging and adhesives.

In 1998 Truflex/Pang was acquired by the TRC, based in Ohio, USA and production was centralized at its global headquarters. Since that time Truflex/Pang has seen a major investment in the development of a “new generation” of improved products manufactured at Group facilities in the USA, Belgium, India and China.

Tech Europe, headquartered in Turnhout, Belgium, as the European arm of TRC, continues to supply Truflex/Pang products throughout EMEA.

Tech Europe boasts an active training school and distribution centre.  With extensive industry and repair knowledge, garnered over many years in the business, Tech Europe offers expert training designed for automotive technicians and on-site at any customer location, on request. Training seminars can be tailored to the needs of each individual client, include hands-on demonstrations, and can cover the whole spectrum of tyre repair, from simple nailhole repairs to more extensive OTR section repairs.  Tech Europe also services some of the world's leading tyre manufacturers with full programmes of tyre repair materials.